Event Photography
Digital Image Limited Releases

Fermaint Photography is pleased to offer digital images of your favorite event images to share, print, and archive from our event photography galleries!


Fermaint Photography retains the copyright and ownership to all images, but you will have a limited release to display, share, and print images based on the type of digital image purchased. All digital images have a digital fingerprint containing the licensing information and will have the Fermaint Photography logo. The digital image, digital fingerprint, and logos cannot be altered in any way. The digital image must remain intact as purchased. Any changes to the digital fingerprint, digital image, and/or logo violates your agreement with Fermaint Photography and future use of the digital image is void.


Purchase of a digital print allows for usage as described in the Digital Image Limited Release Descriptions and may not be re-licensed. Should there be a desire to re-license a digital image, contact Daniel Fermaint at Fermaint Photography, 972-740-2412, for re-licensing information and pricing.


Social Media Digital Image (SMDI)

The Social Media Digital Image is the perfect image to use with Facebook, Twitter, digital picture frame, smart phone, tablet, and/or similar device. The Social Media Digital Image does not include the resolution for printing and the limited release is restricted for displaying on personal electronic devices and/or social media only. The Social Media Digital Image is for personal use only and CANNOT be distributed to ANY media and/or business outlet for publication. COMMERCIAL USE IS PROHIBITED.

Personal Print Digital Image (PPDI)

The Personal Print Digital Image provides the resolution and limited release to print an unlimited number of prints for personal use only. Resolution above a 5x7 is not guaranteed. The Personal Print Digital Image is for personal use only and CANNOT be distributed to ANY media outlet and/or business outlet for publication. COMMERCIAL USE IS PROHIBITED.

Media Archival Digital Image (CPDI)

The Archival Digital Print is intended for long-tem archival and provides a limited release to use for single distribution for recruiting, news clips, magazine submissions, yearbook ads, and other external media outlets. The Fermaint Photography logo must remain intact with the digital image.

Digital Image Fulfillment Process


Purchasing and downloading your image(s) is a simple process!

1. Purchase image through the online store.
2. Image(s) will be processed and uploaded to HiTail.com.
3. You will receive an email containing a link to download the image(s).
4. Download image(s) to your computer.

It's really that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get an email to download my image(s)?

Once your order has been placed, your order will be processed within two business days. Your order will then be uploaded to HiTail and an email will be sent to you letting you know you can download your image(s).

Do I have to use HiTail to download my image(s)?

Yes. HiTail allows you to create a free account to download your image(s). Once created, you can use this account for future orders.

Why can't I just get my image(s) via email?

Email is not a robust enough medium to transfer images with guaranteed image quality. Some email systems will compress files, while other email systems may even drop attachments. Also, some firewalls may strip email attachments. With so many email options in use, emailing your image(s) can cause more problems in the long run.

How long will I have to download my order?

Your order will be available for download for 14-days from the time the email is sent advising your order is ready.

Can I get my order on a CD?

Yes. You can get your image(s) on a CD for an additional charge to cover shipping and handling.

Fermaint Photography reserves the right to change the above guidelines at anytime. Fermaint Photography also reserves the revoke and not fulfill digital image purchases should the above be violated by the purchaser.